Quarantine Arena Stream Contest

Contest #2 has started for Quarantine Arena! We want to see you play, so get those streams warmed up and get ready to show us your skills.

From August 24th, 2020 through September 7th, 2020, if you stream Quarantine Arena with the “Quarantine Arena” category tag on twitch, you have a chance to win an exclusive t-shirt. A total of 5 t-shirts are available to win.

Feel fee to let us know you are streaming in our discord, but we are keeping on eye on the category as well.

If we see you streaming and join your stream you have a chance to win. We will role a die 20 and if we roll a 10 or higher you will win a t-shirt! We have 5 t-shirts to give away. You can enter as many times as you want to stream, only one prize per streamer.

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