Song of Time

Song of Time is an upcoming action-adventure sandbox game that tells a bittersweet story of a lone woman in a cryptic and dying world.


Song of Time features a focus on action-adventure gameplay as the player discovers and challenges a variety of dungeons and their bosses, meanwhile gathering resources to progress in equipment, collecting spirits to gain their respective abilities, and constructing a base to protect themselves from the dangers of this mysterious world. Song of Time introduces many narrative elements into this mix with the player’s ability to speak to their companion Narrator at any point in time, typing anything they want for the Narrator to respond to. These interactions will shape Songbird’s (the protagonist) knowledge of the world as she works to uncover its secrets and the memories of her past lives.


Songbird awakens to find herself in an unfamiliar and eerie world, entirely deprived of memory. However, it does not take long after taking in her surroundings to discover she is the only living person left in this world. Locked at the end of time, Songbird lives an eternal cycle of rebirth as she repetitiously prevents the end of what’s left of her world, slaying the remaining Gods before they end the cycle once and for all. Her adventures forge a philosophical tale of discovering what it means to live in isolation as you come to understand your purpose and accept your inevitable fate.


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