The Depths

The Depths is a top down stealth-horror game, where you are an explorer in charge of retrieving ancient artifacts that were lost in a forgotten temple. You happen upon the temple by falling through the eroding ceiling, and realize the exit to the temple is locked. While you struggle to find the key, to your delight you do find many treasures, but also discover an evil lurking in the dark. You can investigate the world of Duvania piece by piece by reading writings left behind from the former dwellers, as well as studying the empty corridors. What is it that caused the mysterious disappearance of an ancient community? How will you avoid the horror that rose from The Depths?

Controls WASD – Movement Shift – Walk Control – Run E – Interreact Space – Inspect Tab – Inventory Left and Right click – Use Left and right hand respectively Q & E with inventory open – Left and right hand respectively

Released On



Nocturnal Studios



File Size

68.1 MB


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