Quarantine Arena

It is the weekend and Doomguy just wants to relax at home and play video games. Hell has other ideas and sends wave after wave of monsters to his house.

Main Objective

Fight through waves of monsters to get Doomguy safe enough to play his video games.


As a top down shooter, gameplay is fast! Shoot the monsters as they spawn and be careful of them merging into mega monsters. Many items are available for purchase with your caps in the vending machine between waves. Need a boost while fighting? Look for an energy drink drop that provides speed, ammo, and health.

With 10 waves of action packed “get off my lawn” action, you will fill your demon killing quota for days. If you want a challenge the game has 4 difficulties for the 10 wave play, or play in an endless barrage of demons to see how long you can last.



This top down shooter was made as part of a QuakeCon 2020 QuakeCon at Home event Version Alpha: Homebrew Game Jam, hosted by Asterisk. Quarantine Arena took first place in the competition.  It was made in 20 hours and as part of the event used assets from Bethesda titles.

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Special Thanks

Nocturnal studios wishes a very special thank you to Tim Willits for taking the time to grant us his voice for Doomguy. 

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Nocturnal Studios



File Size

180 MB




Dev Stream 8/23/2020

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