Egg Bandit

Are you ready to steal dragon eggs and become the champion egg bandit? As you traverse the mountainscape and steal eggs watch out for the dragon! This is an epic race to see who can obtain the best dragon egg collection at the end of the game.

Main Objective

The race is on in the annual Kobold Dragon Egg Championship! To win the competition you must collect the highest value of eggs from the dragon mountains. Be careful not to catch the attention of the dragon though, she wants those eggs back!


The board is randomly set up for each game with 14 hex-tiles, to offer the most replayability.

The eggs are stacked on the coordinating mountain tiles. Players roll two die 6s to determine how to maneuver the board. The game offers several gameplay strategies for players to use to gain the most points and therefore best egg collection. 


This board game has been a convention-only release. It has been offered at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2022, Oklahoma Renfest 2022, and The Medieval Faire of Norman 2023.

Released On



Nocturnal Studios





Approximate Game Time

30-45 minutes

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