Toadstool Matching

New multiplayer twist on an old game.

Toadstool Matching is a multiplayer matching card game. With 4 color sets of cards, you can play with 1 – 4 players. Match your set with your opponent’s set of cards to collect pairs. The player with the highest score wins. Play a simple matching game or challenge yourself by using the card rules.

Main Objective

Make the most points through matching and strategic pairs. Keep track of not only your cards but also your opponents!


Each player has a set of cards placed face-down in front of them. The players take turns turning over first their cards and then trying to find a match with an opponent’s card. If they match they get to keep the match and try again until they fail or find the destroyer’s match. Many of the cards have their own rules, so if you are ready for a challenging matching game, employ the rules and enjoy the benefits.


This board game has been a convention-only release. It has been offered at the Medieval Faire of Norman 2022 and 2023, Texas Renaissance Festival 2022, and Oklahoma City RenFest 2022.

Released On



Nocturnal Studios





Approximate Game Time

20 minutes

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