Sock Goblin

As a sock goblin, your job is to steal as many socks in a night as possible. the more socks you steal the better your rapport in the goblin society. Make the most in your goblin squad and gain the admiration of your friends. It isn’t easy as it seems though, you are small and laundry baskets are big. There are cats to watch out for and other goblins!

Main Objective

Grab as much laundry as possible and hope that it is mainly socks. Be the one with the most points at the end of the night to be the winner!


Each player has a loot bag and tries to gain the best loot through a roll of the die. You can get more items from the laundry basket, return items to the dirty laundry, have a cat steal your sock, or steal from another goblin’s loot sack.


This board game has been a convention-only release. It has been offered at the Medieval Faire of Norman 2023.

Released On



Nocturnal Studios





Approximate Game Time

15-20 minutes

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