Quarantine Arena Stream Contest

Are you ready to stream? We would love to see it. Start streaming on twitch under the “Quarantine Arena” category, post about it in our discord, and when we join you will have a chance to win an exclusive t-shirt! This tainted Covid-demon is ready to make it’s way to your wardrobe, all you have to do is have a little luck on your side and some arena skills to show off on stream. Contest starts on August 24th and will run through September 7th, or until we run out of t-shirts to give away. Don’t delay we only have 5 shirts available!

Quarantine Arena Release Contest

We are excited to announce our Quarantine Arena release contest, now sponsored by BAWLS Guarana!

To enter you must screenshot your “Home Sweet Home” ending screen after completing all 10 waves of Ultra Violence or Nightmare difficulty levels. Post your screenshot into our discord channel #contest-submisions. Streaming of attempts is highly encouraged! Please let us know in our discord server and we will gladly tune in to watch.

There will be 4 winners in the Ultra Violence category whom will receive 1 exclusive t-shirt with the green Covid-demon.

One winner in the Nightmare category will receive a one of a kind red Infernal Covid-demon t-shirt, a case of BAWLS in their preferred flavor, and some BAWLS swag.

Contest entries will be accepted through September 24th, 2020. Good luck and see you in the fray.

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