Quarantine Arena: The Second Wave

This top down shooter was made as part of a QuakeCon 2020 QuakeCon at Home event Version Alpha: Homebrew Game Jam, hosted by Asterisk. Quarantine Arena took first place in the competition. The event release was made in 20 hours. We decided that we could add a bit more to the game and spent one additional week making the game even more difficult and fun.

More enemies, more waves, a boss battle, and new items; If you played the game before you will want to try it again.

Download the game over at the itch.io site.

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  • Shotgun reload time changed from 1 second to 3/4ths of a second.
  • Decreased cost of shotgun shells from 3 for 4 shells to 2 for 4 shells.
  • Replaced Invulnerability Star with Pentagram of Protection.
  • Replaced Boots of Speed with Nuka Cola.
  • Added the Double Damage item.
  • Added the Gas Mask item.
  • Added the HE Rounds item.
  • Added the Chainsaw item.
  • Added the BAWLS Helmet item.
  • Improved Biosuit health regeneration.
  • Increased Pentagram of Protection’s cost from 30 to 60 caps.


  • Added the Covidemon Conglomerate enemy.
  • Added the Scrag enemy.
  • Added the Shambler enemy.
  • Added the Ogre enemy.
  • Added the Cyberdemon enemy.
  • Added the Tainted Covidemon enemy.
  • Added the Tainted Covidemon Conglomerate enemy.
  • Added the Tainted Scrag enemy.
  • Added the Infernal Covidemon enemy.
  • Added the Infernal Covidemon Conglomerate enemy.
  • Added the Infernal Scrag enemy.


  • Added 5 more waves, increasing the total wave count to 10.
  • Increased covidemons damage to 25 damage instead of 20 on Hurt Me Plenty difficulty.
  • Unique Tim Willits VO added when beating the game on Ultra Violence difficulty.
  • Added Nightmare difficulty.
  • Added Endless mode.
  • After wave 4, BAWLS will grant shotgun shells, and rockets depending on the difficulty.
  • Slightly increased ammo gained on BAWLS pickups.
  • Added a speed boost at the end of the wave for quick item cleanup.
  • Dashing now provides invulnerability frames.
  • Enemies that just spawned will no longer be able to attack the player for half a second.


  • Added sound effect for the dash ability.
  • Added sound effect for dash recharge.
  • Added ability to toggle game music.
  • Added sound effect when wave ends.


  • Replaced the old player sprite.
  • Updated the Armor sprite.
  • Updated the Biosuit sprite.
  • Added an effect to show the Covidemon’s attack range.
  • Improved rabbit sign visibility.
  • Added a wave counter.
  • Added a stopwatch.
  • Increased screen shake with gun kickback.
  • Added ability to swap between fullscreen and windowed mode.
  • Sped up the credits.
  • Added simple statistics board viewable with TAB.
  • Added unique endscreens for each difficulty.
  • Added Daisy.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed firing weapon upon selecting UI elements.
  • Fixed camera issues during player death.
  • Fixed impact sprites lingering.
  • Fixed Ammo Bag item not increasing ammo capacity.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with entering the house.
  • Fixed various collision issues.
  • Fixed being able to purchase ammo when you have already reached your maximum.
  • Fixed issue where bullets would collide with dying monsters.
  • Improved hit registration.

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